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(CCR's) Constant Current Regulators maintain a constant current in the complete series loop circuit as required for operating series roadway lighting equipment.

These units provide accurate regulation of the desired circuit amperage.  

Integral construction features a parallel-motion mechanism which maintains current within one percent of rated value at any load from zero to full load.  Secondary current is accurately adjusted and the complete unit is thoroughly tested at the factory.

High Efficiency Street Lighting
Highway Highting,
Military Installations
Government Facilities (prisons, VA hospitals)
Perimeter and Area Lighting


  • 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 33 and 40 KW

  • Primary Voltages 120V – 13800V

  • Secondary Current of 6.6A or 20A

  • Sidewall or Cover Mount Primary Bushings

  • Can be Ground, Pad, Vault or Pole Mounted

  • Copper Windings by Hand with extensive experience

  • Long Serviceable Life

  • Moving Coil Assembly to provide Amperage Regulation

  • ANSI #70 paint or bare Stainless Steel

  • HiVolt II Transformer Oil  

  • Dual Voltages available
  • Non-standard accessories available
  • Skid mounted for secure shipment
  • Will engineer differing wattages if requested

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