Founded in January 2003, Specialty Transformers custom-built provides transformers that primarily operate in single-series lighting circuits. 

As a small business, Specialty Transformers is recognized as a Diverse Supplier and has been a member of the NFIB since 2003. In addition, we are proud to produce American-made products from our facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, where we expertly manufacture and rigorously test all products before shipping to the end user. 

Our current product line-up consists of Constant Current Regulators (“CCRs”), Capacitor Blocking Units (“CBUs”), Potential Energy Transformers (“PETs”)  and Capaciformers. 

Some of our long-standing clients include Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and hundreds of municipalities across North America and abroad. 

For further information, please reach out to us via our contact form, from which you will promptly receive a follow-up response by either email or phone. We can also be reached directly at +1 (801) 433-4100.